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Tuesday, October 4, 2011
taco salad!

hola! como estas? muy bien y tu?... {seriously four years of spanish... that's all i remember} although during those four years i must have soaked in some of the culture because i could eat mexican food every night... or maybe it has to do with living in texas for ten years - i don't know...but somehow i've got some of that salsa in my blood. needless to say we eat at least one mexican dish a week, ok two mexican dishes a week. here is one of our family favorites! now, i know what you're thinking taco salad.. eh. but seriously- so fast. so easy. so good. 

1 bag mission tortilla chips
1 pound ground beef
1 packet taco seasoning
1 bag lettuce "shreds" (or shred your own if you have that kind of time...)
1 can black beans
1 box taco rice
mexican style cheese
sour cream
salsa fresca

getting everything going- 
the only things you need to cook: 
the rice {if you get the "lipton pasta sides" taco rice it only takes 7 min.} heat up the beans. brown the meat. now i say brown not grey... brown. so make sure the pan is hot- you wanna hear that sizzle when it hits the pan. and please please by no means ever rinse the meat with water when it's done cooking... i'm not naming names- but you know who you are kim. when the meat is done sprinkle on seasoning packet and follow directions on the back.
while all of that is cooking slice up some avocado or whatever other items you're adding to the salad.

ok so these are how i like MY layers but of course to each there own... but trust me your way isn't as good as my way...
get a plate. crush some chips {yes you can use a tostada bowl- but lets face it that's just not as fun.} throw on a couple hand fulls of lettuce shreds. next comes the meat, then beans, rice and cheese. now a couple dollops of sour cream {or if you're in our family the whole tub} finally salsa fresca and avocado - and voila!  i know that's not spanish but i told you i didn't learn much...

2 fabulous comments:

kelsie gigandet :

i love coming over for dinner!! you cook ill clean!! xoxo

MrsBitchface :

mmmmmm i'll make it today!!! plase, more mexican recipes, love them!!!


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