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Thursday, February 23, 2012
we have so many throw pillows in this house its a little ridiculous... i sometimes want to "throw" them out, but instead i've decided to just revamp. here are two ways i've taken a scarf and a pillow {plus a little ribbon} and spiced up our pillow situation... it's a super easy update that can literally be changed daily-if your that kinda girl.

take a scarf. fold in half. repeat until you have a manageable rectangle of your choice. fasten a ribbon around the middle and tie around a pillow.

let me just warn you before you watch this tutorial... if you follow this blog you know my little one has been sick and the man has been out of town. so when attempting this post i could not find a tripod and every contraption i set up fell apart- so i literally shot this video holding my phone in my mouth, i couldn't look down but i could see out of my peripheral!!! so pardon the horrendous video buuuut needless to say if i could do this basically blind with my phone in my mouth, you can do this! 


ps this was the exact song i was listening to while making this. ray lamontange.... if you don't know him - you should. 
pps i promise to upload a better video once i have an extra pair of hands around....


2 fabulous comments:

Caitie :

I honestly would have NEVER known that you filmed that with your phone in your mouth!

MrsBitchface :

really impressed with your talent, even your mouth!! hahaha xo


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