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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

you may recognize this bed from previous posts {we uesd it "backwards" for everleigh as a transition from crib to big girl bed...} but now that it's not being used inside and the weathers been nice we've moved it outside! since a toddler mattress isn't exactly "weather proof"{actually now that i think of it, they are extremely weather proof....} i ventured downtown bought some sunbrella fabric and did a little revamp. let me just tell you... if i can do it- you can definitely do it! literally took 15 minutes {or at least thats how long it ill take you if you don't have a toddler around}

  • plywood
  • foam cushion
  • extra batting {not pictured... forgot ...}
  • staple gun
  • scissors {for cutting fabric}
  • serrated knife {if you need to cut the foam}


ps hope yall had a great easter! {or passover!}

4 fabulous comments:

Caitie :

Dude, you are insanely talented with this stuff! I could probably do the physical labor part, but figuring out what patterns look good together and deciding what looks nice? I'm like a dude when it comes to that stuff!

Anonymous :

Where did you get that PILLOW???? I LOVE IT.

dominique :

actually the pillow is made from a curtain... although i cant remember where i got the curtain! if i think of it ill let you know!!! xo

eliza jane :

your little girl is stunning! i love your blog and i LOVE that love seat! i am definitely planning on playing copycat soon! and i am going to spread the love with your button on my blog!


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