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Saturday, April 14, 2012
three years ago today i gave birth to the little love of my life.... still cannot believe she is turning three....
 {i also can't believe i was this big.... the day before i gave birth}

 {three years ago...

...three years later}

greatest journey

8 fabulous comments:

Maryann :

So sweet! And by the way your hair looked amazing for just having a baby!!

Jennifer :

Happy third birthday little Ever. Contratulations Dominique, your daughter is really beautiful, xo

Caitie :

Happy birthday, you beautiful, lively girl! You seem like such a joy and the love your mother has for you is palpable through the computer screen. Here's to many, many more!

He and She :

Happy birthday to Everleigh. She really is the sweetest little thing.

Looking forward to what you had planned for her birthday.


Melissa :

I'm so glad i found your blog! happy birthday to your little one!

m z b with love :

Pretty little girl, happy birthday!

dear olive :

Happy happy number three! She looks adorable. And I agree with the post-birth hair comment, wow! Kellie xx

Angellos :

Happy Birthday to little Everleigh!:)


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