daybed deja vu

Thursday, May 10, 2012

a few weeks ago i showed you an outdoor couch that i redid {here} well....this is couch number two! i thought i took a before picture but i cannot find it anywhere so just imagine a really ugly cushion on it first! i had a few extra blankets from ever's birthday party so, instead of using a fabric i used a blanket to recover the seat {mostly because i have been obsessing over this and this. although im still looking for the perfect blanket with bold bright colors, this will do for now.} 

here is the link again to my quick and easy recover tutorial

4 fabulous comments:

bhrett @ lost in relocation :

This is so beautiful. Love it.

kellychristine :

what a little cutie! and.. love that daybed. xo!

alexiskatee :

I stumbled upon your blog, and I loved looking through it! There are some great DIY and craft projects in here! Lovely life!

Dressing Ivana :

Love her leggins!!!


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